Waterloo Place Corporate Services

As a result of client demand, we are now offering a fully customised service to provide  all our clients with a turnkey service to become established in London so that they can source the best financial services infrastructure in the world, become world-class and compete with the best.

Many international companies in the financial services sector recognise London as having one of the most refined and successful financial services infrastructures in the world.  This has been developed over the last 350 years and the UK firm, once established, can compete with the best around the world.  The UK establishment can face a number of legal, regulatory and infrastructure challenges, all of which we can fully satisfy.

As one of the countries leading independent consultancies, we are extremely proud of our record of working internationally and welcoming many overseas firms into the UK where we have advised and assisted them to become established.  This service has now been refined and has matured into a fully customised service that allows overseas firms in the financial services sector to establish in London and become world class to compete with the best.  A brief summary of what is being offered is listed below:

  • Key personnel, including directors to fulfil regulatory obligations.
  • Prestigious central London office, complete with meeting rooms, both large and small, with full hospitality facilities.
  • Administration office within easy commuting distance of central London.
  • Company formation and full company secretarial services.
  • Turnkey authorisation services, if appropriate.
  • Accountancy services (not bookkeeping).
  • Legal services.
  • Network and marketing services.
  • Other services upon request.

The client company will own the UK company without any encumbrances, they will be in full control of all the financing and we would welcome operational directors and managers as required by our client.

This long list of comprehensive services will be satisfied by the working collaboration of three professional practices.

Waterloo Place Consultants has been established as a UK corporate services consultancy and is wholly owned by I-FACT (a regulatory consultancy which has been established in the UK for 22 years). 

Waterloo Place only works with overseas owners and the expertise and experience is extensive as all personnel have been drawn from I-FACT who  provide a full regulatory service, including Compliance Officers and an MLRO.  These service directors are necessary as one must prove that the “mind and management” are in the UK, even though the majority of operational personnel are located overseas.  Directors can also be located overseas. 

To provide a fully comprehensive service, we have extended the working relationship with other professional services practices, as below:

  • Tudor John LLP (Accountants), who would establish the company and fulfil all the company secretarial services, payroll services and audit services. 
  • Devonshires (Solicitors in the city of London), with an international reputation, will be providing full legal backup support and each of these companies will be responsible directly to you (our client) following the on-boarding process.  Details of each practice can be found on this website.
  • Leading Tax Council to assist with cross border tax and complex tax matters with foreign owners.