Ongoing Compliance Services

  • Full Compliance Officer Service
  • Healthchecks
  • File Audits
  • Fit and Proper Assessment Review
  • Annual Competence Assessment Review

Compliance is an ongoing process NOT a one-off event.

An experienced I-FACT consultant can lead your own internal team to meet the regulatory requirements of the FCA, the consultant will always transfer knowledge and skills to your team so over time all the routine functions can be undertaken in house and the consultant will then ‘check the checker’. Outsourcing specialist compliance functions has proven to be far more cost effective than employing a full time compliance officer for upwards of £50K pa. Your own management will be doing that what they do best, the day job, the ‘extras’ are outsourced.

NOTE: Although compliance work can be outsourced, the regulated firm must retain full accountability and responsibility to the FCA.