Appointed Representatives

I-FACT specialise in a broad range of regulatory activities and work diligently to provide clients with complete and bespoke solutions to suit their regulatory requirements. One particular service is to work closely with clients to assist and advise them to achieve the necessary permissions for authorisation in the UK. We know that compliance can often be seen as a chore for firms, but we will do all the heavy lifting so you can relax and tick this off your list.

There are many benefits to becoming an FCA authorised firm which will allow companies to undertake regulated activities in the UK market. However, the authorisation process is extremely robust and the FCA is a very attentive regulator so is not just a matter of becoming authorised, but one needs to maintain or indeed improve regulatory standards ongoing. Added in with a lengthy time span to achieve authorisation in addition to the ongoing compliance costs for your business upon authorisation and the barriers are quickly built up.

One viable alternative for many firms is to work with an authorised principal firm who will take responsibility for your compliance so that you are exempted from the robust requirements of the FCA. This principal firm will provide you with all of the education and training and documentation necessary customised to your business while you focus on what you do best. Working alongside I-FACT as an Appointed Representative under our regulatory permissions will enable you to begin trading in a matter of weeks, rather than a year or more. Ongoing monitoring and reporting all be completed by your principal firm providing a very amicable relationship as our interpretation of compliance is quite simply “best business behaviour every day, as standard “.

Regulated activities can generate a very valuable income stream and indeed complement any other business which you may be undertaking. This arrangement of becoming an Appointed Representative is particularly attractive to secondary intermediaries; companies where financial services complement your mainstream business. I-FACT provide two hours of telephone/email complementary time to discuss your requirements and it will help you to decide whether or not you wish to work with us, and we will also confirm the potential costs.