Brexit heralds great political change and many new opportunities for the UK financial services sector as it is highly likely that we will continue to dominate services across Europe as our infrastructure is second to none and virtually irreplaceable compared to other cities.  This is for both outbound services and inbound clients.

Many financial services firms that have been established in other jurisdictions, not only across Europe but other continents, would wish to set up in the United Kingdom to gain access to the financial services sector in the UK and London in particular.  The barriers can be formidable but the I-FACT team have designed and can deliver a full turnkey corporate service to establish financial services firms in the United Kingdom and provide a very wide range of services.

In brief, the turnkey service will not only deliver a prestige London company, it will also include the registered office, head office and administration office, complete with essential personnel to evidence that the “mind and management” are in the UK.

A full consultative authorisation service for firms that need to be authorised and, in other cases, a monitoring service to ensure that the incoming firm is either exempt from the FCA or operating outside of the scope of the PRA and FCA.  Quite literally a full turnkey service that overcomes all of the perceived barriers for a well-intentioned management with a willingly compliant team that genuinely intend to upgrade their services and offering to clients, either corporate or retail.

Our services include essential personnel that will serve your firm throughout the authorisation process and for many years post-authorisation.  The inbound company will have full financial control and will provide many operational staff so that the UK office will deliver all of the desired outcomes required by the ultimate beneficial owners.  This frequently includes back office service from an overseas jurisdiction which is fine.  Many of the management or directors may be overseas residents and frequent visitors to the UK.

Every client is different and we provide a two hour complimentary conference call or email exchange to ensure that we can deliver on our clients requirements and ensure that the two management teams can work together amicably and harmoniously.  We have many years of experience and would like to think that we can make a substantial contribution to the company’s bottom line by working together.

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