Insurance Brokers

We have been providing regulatory services for general insurance brokers since the very concept of the insurance mediation directive (IMD) and we were engaged by Axa to run road shows around the United Kingdom to provide information to their top 850 brokers to assist them with FSA authorisation. We are pleased to report that 100% of the applicants became authorised, (there were one 280 duty challenges along the way) but all firms became successful in the end.

Once authorised, we provide ongoing service to support general insurance brokers, the vast majority of whom are now quite self sustaining, but we are always pleased to respond to enquiries for assistance whether it is business development, underwriting, business connections, marketing. We are renowned for managing the regulatory relationship. Changing market conditions always bring fresh regulatory challenges and we would be pleased to have a confidential conversation on 0345 612 1211 or if you would prefer, email us at