Independent financial advisers

Our title I-FACT was derived from IFAs compliance and training as in the early 90s IFA’s were the very core of financial services in the United Kingdom and regulations were imposed for the first time around training and competence, which then expanded over time. The majority of our consultants were life and pension specialists at one stage in their career and we always enjoy supporting financial advisers for whom we offer a full range of services across the United Kingdom. The list below is not exhaustive and we are always delighted to respond to a new challenge or online enquiry.

Services offered include:

  • FCA applications for authorisation
  • FCA variations of permissions (VOP)
  • FCA returns
  • File reviews
  • Regulatory health checks
  • Business development and marketing consultancy
  • Complaint handling
  • Preparation for FCA visits
  • Attendance for FCA visits

We are always happy to provide a complimentary, confidential helpdesk which you can contact on 0345 612 1211 orĀ