Full Permission Applications

  • Support and information for Directors
  • Regulatory training for directors to understand their responsibilities
  • Information and guidance to become exempt
  • And consultancy services applied to all firms in the sector, from high interest short-term lenders, all for permission firms, and exemption for many firms that only require limited permissions

The FCA regime is principal-based and frequently described as “complex and difficult to understand”. Our role is to work with you shoulder to shoulder to help you understand, comply and use the information as best business practice which eventually will result in a more sustainable, profitable business.

Many of our consultants have an extremely commercial approach to regulatory matters and we all consider that good compliance should be best business practice and result in a good profit in both human and pecuniary terms.

This is an extremely wide-ranging regulatory area and we would be pleased to discuss, confidential, your individual requirements. If you would care to contact us on 0345 612 1211 or info@ifact.co.uk.