A choice of solutions for money remitters

The vast majority of banks that are offering MSB’s (both an operating account and safeguarding account) are focusing their efforts on business that serve either their own nationality or continent of origin. Your first logical step will be to have a conversation with one of our Consultants. We will ask you questions around your client base, the destination of funds, your regulatory status and of course the all-important question of your volumes.

This original telephone conversation we always consider to be a “Discovery Meeting” which is entirely complimentary and confidential. Depending upon the nature and scale of your business there may be a number of other options open to you which we would be pleased to discuss. One question which we are pleased to answer is the handling of cash which many firms still accept.

For a discovery conversation (meeting) telephone 0345 612 1211.

Regulation for MSBs

Many money remitters, particularly smaller firms or agents often feel that they are “below the radar” and they have not got the necessary compliance, systems and controls in place to comply with the requirements of HMRC or indeed the FCA. As an International Regulatory Consultancy we have many years experience of working with Regulators (since 1996 the FCA is the 10th Regulator with whom we have worked) and our International experience can be of great value to MSB’s based in the United Kingdom.

Many firms feel that the FCA regulation is particularly very daunting but we are here to work with you, and we will undertake as much or as little of the Regulatory workload you wish. We can offer you very affordable help and assistance to keep you on the right side of the law.

We take the strain you make the gain.

Telephone 0345 612 1211 for your complimentary and confidential discovery meeting.