How to get the best from us

Our promise to you

At the beginning of our relationship we will discuss with you your requirements in some detail and send you our Terms of Engagement along with our understanding of Key Tasks and an estimate of costs so that you will be clear as to who we are, what we will do and what it will cost. The Schedule of Key Tasks is obviously dynamic and it is very common for clients to expand our brief as our relationship develops.

Our objective is to work with you to resolve the regulatory issue that caused you to contact us and we strive to provide you with a ‘safe pair of hands’ when you need them most.

If we believe that your requirements will be best served by another firm then we will not hesitate to advise you accordingly and frequently advise of another Consultancy.

Getting the best from us

New clients usually contact us when they have a specific need which they may or may not fully understand. Our initial ‘discovery’ telephone conversation or exchange of emails is without charge and we will only begin to charge once we have exchanged Terms of Engagement and the initial Schedule of Key Tasks has been agreed.

It is very important that you discuss all of the facts relevant to your case. We are Consultants and unless we have all the facts we will have difficulty in providing you with accurate advice. We will provide you with advice orally and confirm this in writing. Whether or not you follow this advice is your decision. We can only advise but we strongly recommend that you follow our advice as compliance with FCA requirements is not optional.

We understand that some of the advice and information that we will give you is not always palatable but we will not hold back from our duty however distasteful in giving you the full facts. Thankfully there is almost always a solution and we can work our way through it logically.

Your points of contact

At the outset of our relationship we will provide you with the name of your Key Consultant, the supervising Director and key contact points via telephone and email. We will also provide you with the names of other Consultants should specialist knowledge, skills or experience become necessary.


As a ‘full service Consultancy’ we have a team of very experienced Consultants, all of whom have many years practical experience with commercial firms in the financial services sector before specialising in compliance. We know from experience that firms appreciate the empathy and understanding of experienced Consultants and Directors.


We understand that although regulatory fulfilment is not optional, we work in a competitive market and we will provide you with a quotation of our hourly rates and an estimate of costs as soon as we understand what you wish us to achieve. We will always charge a ‘rate for the task’ and if a Senior Consultant or Director is undertaking a lower cost task then it is the lower rate that will be charged. All charges are invoiced promptly at the end of the month in which the work was incurred and each invoice will be detailed with the date, task and time taken. We appreciate BACS payments within 14 days of invoicing.

Anti-Money Laundering

I-FACT operates a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering policy as required by the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the 4th Money Laundering Directive.  As a consequence of these regulations we, like many other institutions, will ask you for appropriate identification at the beginning of our relationship.

Code of Conduct

We are founder members of the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants and the Directors and Consultants strive to comply with the highest standards set by the Association.


As a national firm of Compliance Consultants we have worked with ten different Regulators since our formation in 1996 and this broad range of dependable experience has been used by many firms including Section 166 work (Skilled Persons Reports for the FCA). The Directors of the firm also contribute to focus groups for specialist trade and professional bodies and the Regulator, as well as speaking at national conferences around the country.